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Notes from November 17th Meeting

Meetings notes from November 17th are located below:

November 17

Also, below is a message from Joe Waidl to the ACCG:

To the ACCG:

 I am working on a small scale biomass-to-energy or Biogeneration power plant with Dick McCleery at the Central Sierra RC&D, and Bob Dean at CCWD. I will be present at the CSRC&D Council meeting to be held on Thursday, November 18th, and I am hoping that this project will be approved by the Council. With their support, we are looking forward to writing a grant proposal to fund a feasibility study for this project.

 To summarize the Biogeneration plant features:

  • Woody biomass will be the fuel source.
  • Utilizes proven technology available today.
  • Compatible with State and local air emission permitting regulations.
  • Proposed net power output of 1 – 5 mega-Watts electric (MWe).

I wish to offer a special word of thanks to the following individuals: Supervisor Steve Wilensky for inviting me to the ACCG meetings, to Dick McCleery of the Central Sierra RC&D, and to Supervisor Bob Dean of the CCWD. I really appreciate their support and encouragement with this project. 

 I am looking forward to making a presentation to the group in the near future, to describe the Biogeneration concept in more detail, and to participate as a contributing partner of the ACCG.


 Joe Waidl

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