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Building on Science to Implement Landscape Level Treatments for Fire Resilience Conference

April 27-28, 2011  Garden Pavilion, McClellan, California

1. Register at http://ucanr.org/sites/wildfire2011/ before March 28 and save! Early registration fee is $100.

2. Submit a poster abstract by March 21. Poster session is scheduled for the evening of April 27.

This is a follow-up conference to the February 2010 Pre- and Post-Wildfire Forest Management Conference that focused on the biological, ecological, and physical science associated with wildfire treatments and impacts in Sierra Nevada forests. During that conference, participants stressed that social, economic, and political aspects of wildfire need more consideration in order to develop acceptable policies and practices that address fire resilient forested ecosystems.

The 2011 conference will present ecological, social, and policy perspectives applicable to implementing landscape treatments to promote system resilience and encouraging dialog and collaboration to advance Sierra Nevada forest management

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Managers and staff of forest management agencies, regulatory agencies, local government, and public utility districts, representatives of environmental and business organizations, consultants, research scientists, and any interested public.

CONFERENCE TOPICS: What is a fire resilient forested landscape? How does wildlife fit into landscape fire resilience? How can we restore while treating forest fuels? and reduce the risk of high severity wildfire? How is fire resilience linked to social sustainability? How can treatments be economically viable and politically acceptable? How can diverse groups collaborate on treatment implementation?
We will explore these challenging questions through a series of scientific presentations and in depth discussions, highlighting collaborative facilitation that supports mutual learning and shared success. While focused in the Sierra Nevada and the mixed conifer forest, this conference may offer lessons and tools for other locations and systems. We hope you will join us in seeking improved understanding and working towards agreement that will advance landscape level treatments for ecosystem resilience.


Sherry L. Cooper, Program Analyst II
Program Support Unit
Ag Field Station Building
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-8593
Office: 530-752-1581; Fax: 530-752-2196
Physical Address: 301 Orchard Park Drive, Davis, CA 95616

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