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CFLR Coalition Message to ACCG

It is already time to show your support for next year’s Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program funding (FY13) – even though your landscape dollars for this year (FY12) may not have hit the ground yet! Congress is working now on the FY13 Appropriation, and we need your group to sign on to a letter asking Congress to fund CFLR at $40 million next year.

 The letter will be most effective if the partners in every CFLR project sign on, as well as groups that support restoration and the intent of CFLR. The letter text is attached for review.  The letter will be open to signatures for six weeks so that your collaborative groups and boards have time to consider signing on. Please sign on by April 15 (or sooner) using the link below:  


 Congress is also working on funding for other critical programs that support CFLR projects and goals.  The CFLR Coalition wants to make sure that funding for these programs is not diminished. Therefore, we will be providing the opportunity for you to sign on to letters about related programs.

The first of these additional sign on letters is to maintain Hazardous Fuels Reduction and State Fire Assistance funding at the FY12 level. See the attached message and letter text, and send an email to brent.keith@colostate.edu to sign on by the March 13 deadline.

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