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ACCG Meeting on April 18th in Jackson – Materials for Review

The next meeting of the Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group will take place Wednesday, April 18th, beginning at 9:30am. 

The meeting location is the Amador County GSA Building at 12200-B Airport Road.

The agenda and notes are linked below:

April 2012 ACCG Meeting Agenda

March 2012 ACCG Meeting Notes

Also, linked below you will find a series of project evaluation forms for review.  The Planning Workgroup has met and discussed the following 4 Cornerstone projects.  Some of those have maps associated with them, and others are pending.  Please take time prior to the meeting and review these.  

Callecat Timber Marking:  Mark and cruise timber as part of the Callecat Ecological Restoration, Amador Ranger District. 

Callecat MarkingForm

Callecat Project Map

Moore Creek/Shovel Grave Compartment Understory Burn:  Understory prescribed burn of 250 acres to prevent future adverse fire behavior conditions, Calaveras Ranger District

MooreCreek/ShovelGrave Cornerstone Project Evaluation Form

Moore Creek Map

Heli-Spot Handpull and Hathaway Pines Herbicide invasive weed control:  Herbicide and hand pulling of Yellow Star Thistle and Oblong Spurg, Calaveras Ranger District.

Noxious Weed Evaluation Form

Noxious Weed Project Map

East/West Arnold Shred:  Brushing and shredding of hazardous fuels along existing fuel breaks next to the town of Arnold, Calaveras Ranger District.

EastWest Arnold Shred

EastWest Arnold Shred Map

The planning committee is suggesting ACCG concurrence with the implementation of these Cornerstone projects.

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