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Materials for May 16th

The following information will be discussed at the next ACCG meeting.  Please take some time to review and come to the meeting prepared to discuss these.  Discussion of these items should be kept to a minimum (less than 15 min), as the Planning Committee has already met and discussed the following 3 Cornerstone projects. 

Power Fire Ecological Restoration: Continue NEPA process to complete ecological restoration analyses that would create mosaic of landscape conditions that  includes the redevelopment of mature forest vegetation and native tree species, restoration of riparian  and sensitive plant areas, management of noxious weeds, reduction of fuel loading, and the restoration of spotted owl protected activity centers and critical deer winter range; Amador Ranger District.

Power Fire Restoration Project Form


Bailey Plantation Health Improvement:  Plantation thinning (302 acres), riparian, meadow and hardwood rehabilitation (7.8 acres), and road work for watershed rehabilitation; Calaveras Ranger District.

Bailey Project Evaluation Form

Bailey Project Area Map

West Calaveras Plantation Thin: Complete NEPA for approximately 547 acres of plantation thinning, restoration of special aquatic features, and road work for watershed rehabilitation; Calaveras Ranger District.

West Calaveras Thin Project Evaluation Form

West Calaveras Thin Map

The planning committee is suggesting ACCG concurrence with the planning and/or implementation of these Cornerstone projects.

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