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ACCG Meeting on October 17th in Jackson

The next meeting of the Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group will take place on Wednesday, October 17th, beginning at 9:30am.  The meeting location is the Amador County GSA building located at 12200-B Airport Road in Jackson.

Action items from September, and the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting, are attached. 

September Action Items

October 2012 ACCG Meeting Agenda

In addition, a compilation of questions relative to the Master Stewardship Agreement is attached.  Please take some time to review these questions, and formulate your own, prior to the meeting.

MSA Questions

There will be a field tour of the West Calaveras Thin project on November 5th.   For further information, you can either attend the meeting or contact Kendal Young at the Calaveras Ranger District.

Tad Mason from TSS Consultants will be giving a presentation on recent legislation relating to biomass, and Kim Carr from Sierra Nevada Conservancy will be giving a presentation on the Mokelumne Environmental Benefits Initiative and Avoided Cost Study.

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