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Materials for Review in Advance of May 15th Meeting

Callecat Ecological Restoration:  Implement restoration actions to protect, increase, and perpetuate old forests and wildlife habitat; reduce the threat to communities from wildfires; reintroduce fire into fire-adpated ecosystems; reduce the degradation of watersheds and aquatic resources; and, provide employment and commodities to the local community; Amador Ranger District

Callecat Ecological Restoration Project Submission Form 2013

Forest Creek Roadwork/Watershed Improvments:  Repair hydrologically connected segments of Forest Service Road 7N30, above Forest Creek; Calaveras Ranger District

Forest Creek Roadwork_Cornerstone Project Submission Form 2013

Mokelumne River Crossing Watershed Improvement:  Removal of large culvert and associated fill material at crossing the South Fork of the Mokelumne River on Forest Road 6N64; Calaveras Ranger District

Mokelumne crossing Removal_Cornerstone Project Submission Form 2013

San Domingo Trail Maintenance: Perform required trail maintenance to enhance the approach to and departure from San Domingo Creek; Calaveras Ranger District

San Domingo Maintenance_Cornerstone Project Submission Form 2013

The planning committee is suggesting ACCG concurrence with the planning and/or implementation of these Cornerstone projects.  The planning committee will also circulate a Letter of Support for the Ramsey Burn Forest Salvage project.

Ramsey Burn Forest Salvage – Concurrence with Draft Decision Memo: Letter of Support for the Proposed Action/ Draft Decision Memo; Calaveras Ranger District

Scoping comment letter

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