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Biomass Energy Workshop, UC Merce,

University of California

Woody Biomass Utilization

Registration closing soon for Biomass Energy Workshop at UC Merced!


Registration Closes Monday 10/14! Don’t miss a great opportunity to network and learn from an excellent cast of speakers.

1 Workshop Highlights

  • Phoenix Energy Tour Site visit to the Phoenix Energy power plant co-producing electricity and biochar from wood biomass
  • Wood energy project development funding Learn about the brand new Statewide Wood Energy Team providing early-stage seed grants for feasibility analysis and broad range of resources for community organizations and project developers.
  • Financing construction We’ll hear from renewbale energy project finance experts about moving projects from the feasibility stage to construction and commissioning.
  • Utilliy contracts Two of the states Investor Owned Utilities will be in attendance to speak about biomass power procurement and efforts to expand fores-based bioenergy production in the Souther Sierra region.

2 Speakers

Experts in woody biomass utilization and bioenergy issues from California universities, state agencies, community organizations, and private enterprise will discuss topics ranging from planning and siting to operating and monitoring community-scale bioenergy facilities. Speakers represent UC Berkeley, UC Cooperative Extension, UC Davis,UC Merced, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Village Energy Finance, Southern California Edison, Placer County, Pacific Gas and Electric, Phoenix Energy. Review the program for more details

3 Field tour



Field tour

October 22, 2013 9-4:30

California Room at the Terrace Center University of Claifornia, Merced Co-Host Yosemite Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development Council

October, 21 2013 1-3 PM 1.5 MW biomass power plant employing gasification technology

4 Registration, attendance, and agenda

UPDATE: We will NOT be able to stream this workshop over the web. Unfortunately, if you can’t join us at UC Merced in person, you will only be able to access the presentations via our website following the workshop.

Agendas for Merced as well as our other upcoming workshops in Chester and Eureka can be found on our website:

⇒ Merced Agenda ⇒ Chester Agenda ⇒ Eureka Agenda


6 Support and Accessibility

  • Produced with funding support from the US Forest Service-Region 5 under Agreement 08- CA-11052021-225v
  • In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.(Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs)
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