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National Stewardship Contracting Virtual Meeting – 12/11/13

You are invited to participate in a web-based meeting about Stewardship Contracting on federal public lands.  Stewardship Contracting is one of the most important tools the Forest Service and Bureau of  Land Management have for managing and restoring federal lands. We are seeking your input  regarding the future use and development of Stewardship   Contracting as part of the 2013  Programmatic Monitoring of  Stewardship Contracts and  Agreements.

During this web-based meeting you will help identify strategies for:

  • Improving the use of stewardship authorities and engagement by communities;
  • Replicating successes identified through  the programmatic monitoring program;
  • Overcoming barriers to the expanded use  of stewardship contracting  identified through the programmatic monitoring  program.


Virtual  Meeting Room and Conference Line: https://connect.msu.edu/sc

Dial-in Number:  (712) 432-1500 Access Code:  671438#

National Level Update – 12:30-1:20pm EST

  • Perspectives  from the BLM and Forest Service on Stewardship                                          Contracting Authority
  • Stewardship Contracting in the context of  agency management and restoration strategies
  • 2013 Programmatic Monitoring Survey Results
  • Facilitated  discussion: question & answer

Regional  Perspectives – 1:20-2:45pm EST                                        

  • Regional distinctions and trends, obstacles, opportunities, and                                          innovations
  • Case  studies of stewardship contracts and agreements
  • Facilitated discussion: identifying strategies for implementing                                          recommendations, replicating  successes, and overcoming                                          barriers

For background on Programmatic   Monitoring of Stewardship                                        Contracting: http://www.pinchot.org/gp/Stewardship_Contracting

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