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ACCG Agenda, January 25, 2014

Meeting Agenda

January 15, 2014 – 9:30am – 12:00pm

Location:  Amador County GSA Building Conference Room, 12200B Airport Road, Jackson, CA

Meeting Facilitator:  Peter Zaragoza, alternate, Rick Hopson

Previous meeting action items in yellow

No. Agenda Item

Est.    Time


I. Call To Order



II. Participants Introduction


5 min

III. Modifications and/or Approval of Agenda


5 min.

IV. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes


5 min.

V. Status of   Active Action Items
  1.   Monitoring work   group – Kendal  Review later in meeting
  2.   Umbrella   insurance – J Heissenbuttel  carry   forward to February
  3.   Agendize early   herbicide discussion (Cathy continue grazing contacts with a post-fire   treatment emphasis
  4.   MOA review/clarity   of work groups – form ad hoc committee – report back in March – Work group   leads get with Cathy for committee
  5.   Schedule   meeting in January with contractors and contracting officers (Heissenbuttel   & Hopson)
  6.   MOU contract   update between USFS & ACCG – Evatt/Hofmann – nothing to report


5 min.

VI.ACCG Work Groups




  1. A.       Admin Work Group –  C Koos Breazeal
    1.    Workgroup Update – upcoming future topics,   i.e. SNAMP (May), draft conclusion for avoided cost study (Mar/April), environmental   benefits
    2.    Prescribed Fire Council report
    3.   Facilitator   assignments


5 min

 B. Planning Work Group –  Kendal Young


1.    Monitoring workshop, 2/24-27 in   Jackson

2.  Upcoming meetings & field trip schedule


10 min

 C. Finance Work Group – P. Zaragoza and S. McMorris


1.  Workgroup status; function of group;   recruit participants


5 min

 D. Operations Work Group – Rick Hopson for J Heissenbuttel


1.  Potential dates & topics



10 min

VII.  Group Discussion/Roundtable:  What projects are on the horizon with   agencies (BLM, AFSC, etc).  What else   can we get going?


30 min

VIII.Additional Discussion Items

  1.   Wilseyville   update – Wilensky


5 min

IX.Action Items Review


5 min.

X.ACCG Partner Reports



  1.   Brief updates   from those in attendance


20 min


  1.   Upcoming   Events/Meetings/Conferences


5 min

XI.Current Meeting Action Items Review


 XII.Adjourn – Next   meeting in Amador County December 18 and/or January 15, 2014       



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