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SNC Funding Prop 1 Watershed Restoration Grant Program now accepting applications

The CA Department of Fish and Wildlife is now accepting applications for their Prop 1 Watershed Restoration grant program. This program has allocated $24 million for water quality, river, and watershed protection and restoration projects of statewide importance outside of the Delta region. (There is a separate funding stream for projects within the Delta region.)


Proposal categories include planning, implementation, and acquisition. Note that planning grants can include funding to complete CEQA/NEPA for future implementation projects. Project priorities include:

  • Projects that manage headwaters for multiple benefits by 1) restoring forest health through ecologically sound forest management, 2) protecting and restoring degraded stream and meadow ecosystems to assist in natural water management and improved habitat, and 3) protecting lands within watersheds to ensure that conversion of these lands does not have a negative impact on water resources.
  • Projects that address fish migration.
  • Projects that restore mountain meadow habitat in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges that provide potential benefits such as increased groundwater storage, reduced and delayed peak flows on streams that flow through meadow systems, improved water quality, protection of climate refugia, and restored and expanded habitat for native species.
  • Projects to protect, restore, or enhance water dependent habitats (e.g., streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands) for fish and wildlife.


Federal agencies are not eligible to apply, but there is no restriction on the work being done on federal land except that the applicant must have adequate land tenure and site control of the properties to be improved and restored for a minimum of 25 years.


The deadline for applications is September 16, 2015.  More information is available at the CDFW website: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Conservation/Watersheds/Restoration-Grants.


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