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Updated Field Trip Calendar

Linked below is an updated field trip calendar.  Please contact Kendal Young at the Calavera RD with questions.

ACCG_ FieldTrip and Meeting Calendar – Aug_Sept 2013

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ACCG Meeting on August 21st

The next meeting of the Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group will take place on Wednesday, August 21st, beginning at 9:30am.

The meeting location will be the Amador County Health Services Building located at 10877 Conductor Blvd., Sutter Creek, CA 95685.  We will be in conference rooms B & C.

The notes from the last meeting are attached as is the agenda for the meeting next Wednesday.

August 2013 ACCG Meeting Agenda

July 2013 ACCG Meeting Notes

We have received a request from the University of Michigan which is attached to this message as well.


Included below are two SNC project concepts for consideration at the meeting:

ACCG_Bailey Plantation Health_Riparian Restoration_082013


Please take some time to review these materials prior to Wednesday’s meeting.

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Planning Workgroup Meeting on August 14th

The next Planning workgroup meeting is scheduled for August 14th at the Calaveras Ranger District.

We will have  a brief meeting regarding SNC FY 13-14 Grants at the district office starting at 09:00 AM, followed by a Red-Fir management field discussion on our Hemlock Landscape Restoration project.

ACCG Planning Committee Meeting August 14_2013 Agenda

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Indian Valley Field Trip on August 9th

There will be an ACCG field trip to Indian Valley Meadow Restoration on Friday, August 9th – 09:30  ~ 15:00.

Meet at the Amador Ranger District at 09:30.

Please bring:

Brown Bag Lunch


Hiking boots

Sunscreen/ sunhat

Bug Repellent

Please contact Kendal Young at the Calaveras Ranger District with questions.


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Upcoming Events

Indian Valley Field Tour – Forest Service will be hosting a field trip to Indian Valley on August 9th.  Participants will meet at the Amador Ranger District in Pioneer at 9:30am that day.  For more information please contact Kendal Young at the Calaveras Ranger District.


The Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project’s (SNAMP) University of California Cooperative Extension team will be hosting a 2 day workshop on Collaboration and Facilitation in Natural Resource Management on August 8, 2013 and September 10, 2013 in Martell/Jackson, CA.

The purpose of these workshops is to help improve communication by building facilitation skills within the many groups involved in collaborative adaptive management processes. We will work to build a common language to support collaboration and share tools to prevent problems and interventions to support success when problems arise. These workshops are designed to support the building of a common knowledge base through mutual learning and discussion. The UC Cooperative Extension has developed training modules for all levels of natural resource management staff and stakeholders interested in developing these skills.

A series of two 6 hour trainings will cover topics such as stakeholder analysis, agenda building, listening as an ally, the decision making process, identifying constraints, reconciling differences and reducing conflicts. Participants will learn training concepts, practice methods and obtain the skills needed to pursue effective facilitation and collaboration.

The first training will be August 8, 2013 at the Amador County General Services/Department of Agriculture building (12200 B Airport Rd., Room A, Martell, CA) from 9am to 3pm. Please see the attached agenda for training specifics.

There will be a $25.00 materials and lunch charge payable during registration.

To register, please go to:  by July 27, 2013.

Attached you will also find a workshop flyer to post and share.

If you have any questions, please contact Kim Ingram at by July 27, 2013.


UC Training Opportunity: Collaborative Problem-Solving

Discover collaborative methods and techniques for problem solving and conflict resolution. Learn to find mutually agreeable solutions to challenging situations between individuals and organizations so projects and programs can move forward. Examine the differences among interests, issues, options and proposals, and the ways in which effective groups, facilitators and mediators structure and guide problem-solving processes to create acceptable results for all parties involved.


Neil Bodine, J.D.,  is a partner with the Oakland and Sacramento law firm of Beeson, Tayer & Bodine. He has many years of experience negotiating and mediating successful agreements in dozens of high-profile disputes both in the United States and abroad. Bodine leads the Mental Models seminar.

Sept. 19-Oct. 3: Thurs., 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sutter Square Galleria, 2901 K St, Sacramento, CA




Active Engagement in Forest and Woodland Sustainability

Date: Thursday, October 10, 2013

Location: Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel, 1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 916-341-401


California’s forests and woodlands provide a tremendous array of values for society, including diverse habitats, water supply, carbon storage, energy, building products, aesthetics, outdoor recreation. With a population approaching 38 million people and 14 million international visitors, there is no area of the state not touched by humans. This conference will focus on what we can learn from innovative and novel strategies that seek to achieve desired outcome in natural systems that have been historically altered and will continue to be altered. We have scores of risk avoidance strategies that these new approaches can be compared to. We will discuss new policies and management strategies that recognize the realities of these impacts, and encourage active approaches to ensure that these values continue into the future.


This one day conference will provide a series of presentations illustrating the trajectory of our fingerprints across the state’s 40 million acres of forest and woodlands and consider novel approaches being implemented to get ahead of challenges where ‘no action’ approaches may not work. A series of case studies will be presented on how hybrids of restoration ecology , silviculture, and conservation biology are being combined in innovative conservation strategies. The response panelists will highlight the risks and opportunities of innovative approaches and will also ask questions that are submitted from participants. A wrap-up reception and poster session will be held to encourage discussion of the topics developed in the formal presentations.

 Intended Audience

Resource managers, governmental, industry and NGO leaders, the interested general public.


Registration is $100, and includes breaks, lunch, and a reception. Early registration is due by October 1, 2013. Register by clicking HERE.

Mattley Meadow Field Tour on July 18th

ACCG  – Mattley Meadow Restoration – Field Trip – Thursday July 18th  09:00 — 15:00

Meet at the Hermit SpringsCal Fire Station on Winton Road.

From West Point, take Winton Road East approximately 18.5 miles to Forest Road 7N09 (end of the pavement).

From Highway 4 – take Black Springs north to 7N09.  Turn west on 7N09 to Winton Road (beginning of pavement).

 We will meet at 09:00 at the Cal Fire Station.

Please Bring:

v Brown Bag Lunch

v Water

v Hiking boots

v Sunscreen

v Bug Repellent

v Good Spirits

v Imagination

We will access the meadow from Forest Road 7N16.  High clearance vehicle is recommended.  We will have multiple Forest Service vehicles available at Hermit Springs, so hopefully we can car-pool.  Please be prepared to hike greater than a mile.

Meadow access is approximately 0.5 miles along a 4X4 trail (vehicles are not recommended).  I’ll have an UTV to shuttle people, water, lunches and other gear from 7N16, but many will enjoy the scenic walk along the trail.  The meadow is about 110 acres, much of which is privately owned (see yellow box attachment), so bring plenty of energy to explore the meadow.

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ACCG Meeting on July 17th

NOTE: Sierra Nevada Conservancy has been experiencing some major issues with outgoing email, and I am afraid that many group members have not been receiveing my emails.  Please read below:

The next meeting of the Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group will take place Wednesday, July 17th, beginning at 9:30am.  The meeting location will be the West Point Veterans’ Hall located at the corner of Bald Mountain Road and Highway 26 in West Point, CA.

The draft notes from our June meeting are attached.  Please take some time to review them before the meeting and let me know if you have any changes.  Also attached is the agenda for Wednesday.

June 2013 ACCG Meeting Notes

July 2013 ACCG Meeting Agenda

A key part of this meeting will be a discussion and group decision relative to the current Sierra Nevada Conservancy grant program, and specifically what projects the group would like to see put forward for funding.  I will be at the meeting to assist in navigating the grant guidelines and to answer questions.  The grant guidelines can be accessed using this link.

There is limited funding available and as such it will be important for the group to bring projects forward soon.  Should you have any questions leading up to the meeting feel free to call or write back.

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